Together we Grow!

About us 

The name Shine comes from the idea that all parents want the best for their children. By giving unconditional love, guidance and support, they can find out their true passion and "shine" in their own lives.

During the pandemic around March 2020, Phyllis- a freelance designer who major in Fashion Design, owner of Shine Clothing store, an artist in Redbubble and Bags of Love UK heard that there was a shortage of PPE for the frontline health care workers and essential workers in Toronto. Along with a group of amazing volunteers online, decided to come together and help. 358 masks and scrup caps are sewn alone and donated through both facebook groups -homemade masks for hometown heroes and Sew for TO.

After both community groups are no longer in operation, She decided to continue provide quality cloth masks for the public in an affordable prices.  

 'Life is not a competition and we rise by helping out each other.'

 *Special Thanks for young graphic student Kitty Ho for the contribution of this site.



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