• Organic Cotton VS Cotton

    Organic Cotton VS Cotton Why choose organic cotton? Hazardous pesticides is prohibited in organic cotton, making it safer for the farmers and leaving the soil free from contaminates that cause harm. It use much less energy and water use than conventional cotton, produce 94% less greenhouse gas emissions. Allergenic, carcinogenic or toxic chemicals are not allowed in producing certified organic cotton. Making it safer for your skin. Source:https://www.global-standard.org/the-standard.html

  • Special Information about selecting and handling your mask

    Do's DO wear a non-medical mask or face covering to protect others. DO ensure the mask is made of at least two layers of tightly woven fabric. DO inspect the mask for tears or holes. DO ensure the mask or face covering is clean and dry. DO wash your hands or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer before and after touching the mask or face covering. DO use the ear loops or ties to put on and remove the mask. DO ensure your nose and mouth are fully covered. DO replace and launder your mask whenever it b…


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